Emrys Jones & Co. Solicitors

Accident and Injury claims

We provide representation in respect of claims relating to motor vehicle accidents, injuries suffered at work, injuries suffered on public or private property.

We will assist by giving you legal advice and representation throughout all stages of the process.

Frequently it is difficult to assess how much time will be taken in relation to claims of this nature as it depends upon the complexities of the matter and whether or not agreement with a third party can be reached quickly and preferably amicably.

Fees are charged based on our hourly rate of £230 per hour plus VAT plus Disbursements.

The work will be done by the firm’s Principal (see Home page).

Initially it is extremely difficult to give a fixed charge but as and when a matter develops a realistic assessment of costs should become possible for you to consider.

If, however, additional steps need to be taken or if the matter becomes more complicated e.g. matters are not agreed between yourself and the third party our costs may need to be re-assessed. If this is the case we will advise you on the estimated additional costs as soon as we become aware of any problem that arises.

If matters become complicated and there is no agreement between you and the third party we would advise taking advice from a Barrister upon which there will be the Barrister’s fee to pay plus VAT.

We may also need to instruct Medical Experts to prepare Reports and specialist Barristers to assess the valuation of the claims and in each case there will be a charge for their fees, plus VAT for the Barristers.

Our charges to which we refer above are subject to VAT which is currently at the rate of 20%.